Guidance for Animal Research Industry Personnel

Do you work in an animal research facility? Are you a researcher whose research uses animals? Do you work for a pharmaceutical company? Or do you serve on an animal ethics committee?

All of these roles hold a huge responsibility. Ethics committees are the only real level at which the validity and justification of the research can be challenged, and it is imperative that they are used for maximum impact. Whilst individuals working or volunteering in the animal industry may have the best intentions towards ensuring harm to animal is minimised, sometimes external forces come into play which obstruct these intentions. From the information HRA receives, these pressures may include bullying, social pressure, lack of knowledge surrounding non-animal models, and the impact of hierarchies within institutions.

Pressure may be placed on researchers not to question animal use, despite any moral or scientific concerns expressed by the researcher. This is clear from the Test Subjects video, which features young researchers discussing the pressures placed upon them to use animals, despite the lack of relevance to their research.

Below are some tips and resources on how those working in the animal research industry can best serve the interests of both animals and the validity of research.

HRA welcomes open communication with anyone involved in the animal research industry, whether that be a question, complaint you wish to see investigated, or insider report.  Please contact us, or you can use the below form for anonymous contact. Complete confidence will be granted in either case.

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